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HOPE Standard Reflection- Meeting the Varied Instructional Needs of 1st Grade Mathematicians

P2- PRACTICE DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION To me, the second HOPE principal of best practice means assessing, planning, and being child-emergent to meet the various needs of students.  Tomlinson and Allan (2000), foundational researchers, describe differentiated instruction (DI) as the act of  accommodating … Continue reading

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ISTE/Standard 1-Facilitating Student Creativity and Innovation with Technology (EDTC 6433)

Like Reynold’s (2008), I also felt “overjoyed” to learn that the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) includes a standard that challenges educators to utilize technology in the classroom to maximize student creativity and innovation.  This standard is the one of five … Continue reading

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EDU 6132 Reflection: Attention and Motivation within a Reading Lesson

  P2 – Practice differentiated instruction.  Learners are not going to pay attention to a lesson that is boring, and it must have some relevance to their experience.  I have been trying to remember what it was like to be … Continue reading

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