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HOPE Reflection: Honor Children as Writers through Community Sharing

H3-  Honor the classroom/school community as a milieu for learning. To me, this program standard calls educators to show children by that they learn and grow through sharing their best work with one another, celebrating the unique talents and creativity each … Continue reading

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Learners in Context: Module 4- Comparison of Piaget vs. Information Processing Theories in the K/1 Classroom

O2. – Offer appropriate challenge in the content area. When I compare Piaget’s theory of development to information processing theory the aspect that stands out in terms of application is how to provide lessons that offer an appropriate challenge for … Continue reading

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Teacher Observation #1- My Mentor Teacher has Withitness

More than a month into school, and I am struck by how busy life in the K/1 world is.  My mentor teacher and the rest of the teacher team have been focused on getting the children comfortable with new expectations … Continue reading

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