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EDU 6526: Strategies for Summarizing Text

The three structures recommended by Dean et al. (2012) for summarizing are rule-based strategies, summary frames, and engagement in reciprocal teaching.  Students practice removing irrelevant or repetitive information, replace lists of things with one summative term, and find or create … Continue reading

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Teacher Observation #4- Reading Lesson for Emergent Kindergarten Readers

Today I had the opportunity to observe a colleague in my mentor school teach Reading Workshop to emergent kindergarten readers.  She opened the lesson by telling the students, “remember what we did yesterday with sounds?  We’re going to play that … Continue reading

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HOPE Standard Post- Offering an Appropriate Challenge in Writing Workshop

O2- Offer an appropriate challenge in the content area. To me, an essential element of offering an appropriate challenge in the content area is differentiating instruction to scaffold growth for all of my students.  In order to accomplish this goal … Continue reading

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ISTE/Standard 1-Facilitating Student Creativity and Innovation with Technology (EDTC 6433)

Like Reynold’s (2008), I also felt “overjoyed” to learn that the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) includes a standard that challenges educators to utilize technology in the classroom to maximize student creativity and innovation.  This standard is the one of five … Continue reading

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An Extracurricular Observation: Reflection on Parent Teacher Conferences

  During week ten of my internship I had the opportunity to sit-in on four parent-teacher conferences.  I gained a wealth of insight into the collaboration process of parents and teachers to build a strong bridge between home and school. … Continue reading

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