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EDU 6655- Developing Personal Development Self-Efficacy through Classroom Instruction

Cheung and Lai (2012) examine the relationship between personal development self-efficacy (PDSE) and classroom teaching in secondary classrooms. Historically researchers have studied the influence of school guidance and counseling, and the impact of classroom instruction on PDSE has been ignored. … Continue reading

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Human Development and Principles of Learning. Module 5: Piaget, Vygotsky, and Constructivist Classroom Applications

One of the strengths of Piaget’s theory is his description of how human beings move in and out of egocentric displays of behavior as they progress through the formal operations structure. According to Crain (2000), each stage consists of a … Continue reading

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HOPE Standard Reflection O1 and Course Rationale: The Effect of Sunlight on the Earth’s Surface

O1. – OFFER AN ORGANIZED CURRICULUM ALIGNED TO STANDARDS AND OUTCOMES. Sun- Lesson 2-Affect on People Sun- Lesson 1-Affect on PlantsSun- Lesson 1-Affect on Plants Sun’s Effect on Earth- L3 To me, the skill of offering an organized curriculum that interprets … Continue reading

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