About Me

I grew up in Ogden, Utah where I spent many hours exploring the mountains: hiking, skiing, tubing down the river, and camping.  However, I consider the California Bay Area my home base because I lived there for twenty years; and this is where my family has grown its roots.  However, Seattle is home now.  I feel incredibly fortunate to be living in a city rich with natural resources, incredible art, and forward-thinking citizens.

I have worked with children as a substitute, extended-day, assistant, and resident teacher for six years.  I was a substitute teacher in the California Bay Area elementary schools for 3 years.  I completed my residency in a K/1 classroom with a progressive, nonprofit elementary school in the Seattle Central District.  This past year punctuated my 3 and a half-year service with this school, and I am transitioning back to the public school sector as a lead teacher next year.  I have considerable experience working with children to cultivate a sense of themselves, and their role in community.  I had the opportunity to teach a program called Roots of Empathy this past year.  It is a program that helps children to practice empathy through a relationship with a baby and their caregiver.  My main objective as an educator is to empower children to be engaged, caring citizens who have a passion to use new knowledge to better the world.

A fun fact about me is that I would like to have a little art studio in my home someday, and paint beautiful pictures.  I have taken a few art classes (color and design theory, botanical illustration, and watercolor technique), but I need to work on my drawing skills.  I love to provide children with opportunities to create art.  They are spontaneous, messy, and inspiring.

I earned a bachelor’s in American Studies from UC Santa Cruz.  This experience opened me up to the stories of people who have been discriminated against throughout American History, and was pivotal in shaping my commitment to social justice.  I plan to pursue an English Language Learners endorsement, post-certification; and am committed to being a  teacher who includes all cultures into her curricula by welcoming my families and local community to share their experiences and talents.

In my free time I like to practice yoga and meditation.  I love to garden, cook, craft, hike, and hang out with my sweet dog, Murfy.


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