EDSP 6644: Reflection on Literature Review

As I reflect on my final paper for my Masters coursework, I can’t think of a better topic to close with than how I will effectively support struggling readers in my first grade classroom. As a result of doing this research, I feel prepared and informed to take on the task of implementing an effective reading instruction program that considers the needs of struggling readers or students afflicted with dyslexia.
In particular, I am encouraged to learn that good support for a student with reading difficulties or dyslexia is simply an effective classroom reading program that implements frequent focus reading groups, multisensory education, and use of assessments to set individual and attainable goals. The statistic is one in five students will struggle with dyslexia. As a first grade teacher I can intervene to help students get the support they need to learn to read and write before low self-esteem and depression begins to damage academic achievement. As I step into my role as a public school teacher, I hope to optimize all possible resources to provide students with the best possible reading support.

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  1. Susie McKenzie says:

    😊 Great Eyde! I am so proud of you— I know you have worked your butt off! I love you. Mom

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