HOPE Standard Post E3- Understanding and Practicing Professional Responsibilities of Teaching Reader’s Worshop

E3- Exemplify an understanding of professional responsibilities and policies

There are many elements of professional responsibilities to be understood and maintained by a certified teacher.  In my opinion, if a teacher dedicates sincerity time and effort to the practice of effective teaching they will naturally fulfill other elements of professional practice.

For example, I had the opportunity to teach Reader’s Workshop during my workshop. In order to fulfill my professional responsibility to provide kindergarten emergent readers excellent instruction, I collaborated thoughtfully with my mentor, grade team band, instructional coach, and families.  One professional responsibility in particular I fulfilled was formally assessing, and preparing narratives for the four kindergarten/first grade teachers to utilize during Spring conferences.  My mentor counseled me through the process of interviewing each student as a pre-assessment.  Later, she mentored me through the process of writing narratives.  I assessed the students in the categories of stamina, attitude, book interest, book group interest, and work place management. I am providing these narratives as evidence of my work to understand and practice professional responsibilities and policies.

Screen shot 2014-05-26 at 4.16.16 PM

Evidence Sample- Narratives for three kindergarten readers.

According to Washington State Administration Code, one of the professional responsibilities of a certified teacher, under the subheading Effective Teaching, is, “the prevention and diagnosis of reading difficulties and research-based intervention strategies.”

Because I am emerging as a Reader’s Workshop teacher, I counseled closely with my more experienced colleagues to ensure that I was providing effective support and instruction for each learner.  In addition, I dedicated time to researching and preparing for lessons that aligned with my mentor school’s Reader’s Workshop curricula.  These curricula include Teacher’s College Reader’s Workshop and Wired for Reading linguistics program.

Teaching Reader’s Workshop was a simultaneously challenging, rigorous, and rewarding practice.  I take the task of coordinating reading instruction to meet the needs of students with a complex matrix of reading profiles very seriously. I feel I have just touched the tip of the iceberg of mastering reading instruction.  It is a complex and dynamic endeavor that will take me years of practice.  Nevertheless, I feel that consistent dedication understanding and maintaining professional responsibilities of effective teaching will be the scaffolding for becoming an excellent reading teacher.


Bergeson, T. (2014). Responsibilities of a certified teacher. Office of Professional Practices. Olympia, WA.

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