ISTE Standard 5- Twitter as Outreach to Innovative Educators

Up until one week ago, the world of “Tweets” was an enigma to me, and my interest ranked at indifferent.  But given the enthusiastic recommendation of Professor David Wicks, instructor for Integrating Technology Into the Classroom, I decided to jump into the Twitter world as a means to meeting ISTE Standard 5.  The final standard for educators to be effective as digital age educators calls for engagement in professional growth and leadership through collaboration in wider educational communities.  As a catalyst, I took Professor Wick’s recommendation and read a helpful blog article called Twitter 101 for Teachers: Steps for Getting Started on Twitter.  The author of this blog, Elissa Field is a middle school teacher, and a

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 10.14.35 PMprofessional writer so her steps for getting started are well-written, concise, and comprehensive.  Furthermore, she shares a list of key players in education and educational organizations that she has found most rewarding to exchange ideas and content with.  Elissa’s impressive list includes teachers, educators, researchers, and resources, many of which I already know and trust- so per her suggestion, I stole it.  One of the resources on Elissa’s, and now my follow list is MindShiftKQED.  MindShift KQED,  “focuses on innovations in education, specifically how technology is changing the education landscape as well as how kids learn”.  While I have not had a lot of time to explore interacting with other professionals yet, I am encouraged by the prospect of having connection to all these innovative educators.  The implications for student learning are that the resources I have access to when looking to provide best practices are wide and deep.  It is incredibly expansive to my learning as a teacher, and in turn my students learning, that I can exchange information with brilliant educators from all around the world.  Twitter as an outreach tool will help me in gathering a wide variety of fresh research-based perspectives to inform my teaching.

In addition to getting started with Twitter as a way to meet ISTE 5, I discovered a wonderful teacher resource, thanks to the recommendations of my learning circle peers, Ashley Dugovich and Laura Bayley.  The web resource is Promethean Planet.  Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 11.29.27 PM
This web resource is created by teachers, for teachers, and provides free, resources and lessons that are of the highest quality.  I found great writing tutorials on Promethean Planet for a class project.  In conclusion, as I near the end of my teacher training program, I feel grateful for the incentive provided by ISTE 5 to collaborate with wider professional communities through social networks, and for the excellent resources that my talented cohort mates recommend for quality curriculum planning.


MindShift KQED-

Mrs. T’s Middle Grades-

Promethean Planet-



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3 Responses to ISTE Standard 5- Twitter as Outreach to Innovative Educators

  1. elissa field says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the links to my articles on using Twitter. It was great to read your praise and know another reader had thought to share the posts with you. Good luck as you try out Twitter. Tweet me and I’d be glad to follow you, so you can begin to build your community.

  2. Laura Bayley says:

    Edith, Thank you for sharing Mrs. T’s blog. This seems like a wonderful resource for teachers who are new to Twitter and are looking for a step-by-step procedure for getting started. I certainly plan to check this out if I take the plunge into the Twitter world. I also love that you found Promethean Planet to be a valuable resource. I thought it was a wonderful resource, and am glad to see that others feel the same way. Thank you again for sharing your experiences as a new Twitter follower and Mrs. T’s blog!

  3. Hi Edith,
    Thanks so much for sharing Twitter 101 for Teachers. I also decided to join twitter after listening to Dr. Wicks talk about how great a resource it can be for educators. I haven’t interacted with my new Twitter account very extensively yet, but after following even just a couple education related resources, I already feel more in-tune with what’s buzzing in the field of education. I plan to check out the Twitter 101 for Teachers site to expand my use of Twitter, and hopefully apply what I am learning through Twitter to my teaching practice.


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