Quick Morning Reflection

I woke up this morning with a great revelation about my student teaching experience. I realize that I habitually put a pressure on myself to already be a master at something I that I’ve just embarked upon learning. Historically, this pressure has caused me to give up, or give half-effort to my endeavor. The implications this self illumination has for my teaching education are huge. I know that I am not alone in this crazy idea that we should already know something before we practice it. I have witnessed many students that I’ve worked with over many years, and in various academic settings express that this same discomfort about their own learning experience. How to help myself across the bridge of cognitive dissonance without throwing myself off? I do not know yet. But in my experience, seeing oneself clearly is more than half the battle. I believe if I can find a way to counsel myself through this deeply imbedded learning pattern; I can be of better service to the children I work with who struggle with the same self-defeatist habit.

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