Week 8 Reflection: Negotiating My Role as a Classroom Manager

One of the topics that has been at the forefront of my internship reflection is classroom management. I am realizing that there is an intricate dance that the whole classroom is participating in when it comes to classroom management in a room with an intern and a lead teacher. I am beginning to assert myself more as a classroom manager as I step into more teaching responsibilities. Many of the childrens’ response to me is not the same as it is to my mentor. Some of the children who have a tendency to be rebellious are testing boundaries with me. I think it is natural that this is happening as the kids get used to the fact that I am going to be stepping into the center stage more. My mentor and I are in communication about how this shift in the classroom dynamic is taking place. Of course, I honor the agreements and expectations that have already been established from the beginning by my mentor. But, there is no getting around the fact that my mentor and I have different temperaments and styles. I think we are negotiating the line between these two factors, classroom agreements and teacher styles. I am anxious about being watched so closely as I phase into a full-time teaching role in the classroom. I am meditating on staying grateful; in the moment; and trusting that my mentor, the kids and I will find a natural flow as we progress through the year.

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