A Vision of One Teacher in Training

I envision myself as a teacher who responds intelligently and compassionately to the needs of my students while offering a curriculum full of challenge and joy.  I want the children I teach to be engaged in inquiry-based learning that gives them strategies for interacting with the world with all their senses.  I aim for children to know they have contributed to the content and approach of the class community’s curriculum, while simultaneously being introduced to fresh and exciting knowledge and skills.

I am an Elementary Education endorsement candidate in Seattle Pacific University’s (ARC) Master of Arts in Education program.  I enjoy working with Pre-K through Third grade because this age range affords maximum opportunity to learn through play.  I love to play as a medium for learning.  I believe when children coordinate their minds and bodies through play, they are motivated to reach their academic goals.

I am passionate about social justice.  I have been fortunate to learn strategies for weaving social justice into core curriculum from my fabulous colleagues at Giddens Elementary School.  In addition to an elementary education endorsement, I will  pursue an English Language Learners endorsement post-credential.  A primary focus of my professional development will be on how to best empower English Language Learners to not only assimilate to American culture, but to empower the entire community to recognize and celebrate the beauty of all the cultural expressions that make America extraordinary.

I also envision art as a primary medium for generating love of learning for children.  I am a visual artist who currently shares artistic techniques as a way learning math, science, social studies, and language arts.  At-risk children are motivated to show-up for school when they have an opportunity for creative expression.  Music, creative-writing, theater, and visual art give children a way to learn that relates to their personal experience and offers a sense of connection to one another.  I strive to be a teacher who offers children many opportunities for creative expression as they learn the core curriculum.

My thirst for knowledge of all kinds ultimately will charge my journey to success as a teacher.  I am selfishly pursuing a career as a teacher because I want to learn something new and exciting everyday when I show up for work.  I am gifted with empathic strength which enables me to connect with students, families, and colleagues in an expansive manner.  I want to help the world and humanity in my time here on Earth, and I feel me service as a teacher will be a fine way to accomplish this life goal.  And have I mentioned that I love children?  They offer light and humor to a world that has its share of sorrows.  I want to play a role in lifting our children up to their highest potential.

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One Response to A Vision of One Teacher in Training

  1. You have a lot of good things to say here. It sounds like you have a passion for your subject and students, and I was also interested in reading about your interest in inquiry-based learning, which is a fun way to approach subject matter.
    Dr. Denton

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